Eaton and Enlighted Team Up to Make Buildings Brilliant

April 3, 2017

Recently, Enlighted partnered with international power management company Eaton to accelerate the adoption of lighting-based Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for buildings.

Pairing the IoT with the LED lighting revolution is a smart way to cost-effectively transform buildings into sensory networks. Light fixtures in commercial and industrial buildings are ubiquitous, and with a cloud-connected Enlighted sensor in every LED light, the possibilities for improved building management become limitless.

We’ve integrated the Enlighted IoT platform with Eaton’s advanced WaveStream™ LED technology and the LumaWatt Pro system. The innovative WaveStream™ design combined with Enlighted’s advanced digital sensors and scalable wireless network are available for any size project.        

The system captures, aggregates, and analyzes multiple types of real-time data, and makes the resulting insights available through Enlighted’s high value software applications Aire and Space. These apps allow building managers to understand space utilization and improve space planning, optimize HVAC, lighting, and temperature control, and improve building safety and security.  

While also driving down operating costs, and increasing occupant comfort.

With Eaton, we’ve combined the ingenuity of one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers with our breakthrough IoT sensory system. Eaton and Enlighted are ready to make your buildings brilliant, together.

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