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June 19, 2017

Building owners and operators are adopting the Internet of Things at a rapid pace in order to drive down operating expenses, while making spaces, people, and assets more productive and efficient.

Best practices are still emerging. IoT tends to work across an entire business operation and impacts almost every system within the buildings where it is installed. Because of the inherently cross-functional nature of IoT, it requires a deliberate and integrated approach to implementation.

The Enlighted IoT platform, for example, has sensors installed in the lights throughout a building. This dense grid of sensors collects a continuous stream of heat, motion, occupant data and more from the building environment, which is used to deliver a range of innovative services to building occupants, and operators.

These services help to optimize HVAC systems, work processes, space utilization, asset management, and more. But they also introduce technological and organizational change across an operation, and implementation requires careful strategic thinking on cross-functional topics like security, skills and capacity, interoperability, and infrastructure.

Ownership of the IoT strategy typically falls under the purview of the CIO, who needs to work directly with stakeholders from across the operation to ensure that the transition to IoT is as seamless and successful.

Gartner recently created a research note that helps CIOs understand the importance of creating an IoT Center of Excellence to help manage this significant change process. According to Gartner: “Creating an IoT center of excellence becomes key for cross-functional business transformation and competitive differentiation.”

For a limited time, Enlighted is granting access to this informative research note for CIOs.

You can read it here.

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