Watch Enlighted Cofounder Tanuj Mohan at IoT Slam

August 1, 2017

In June, Enlighted Cofounder and CTO Tanuj Mohan gave an exciting virtual presentation on “The Dark Side of IoT” — for IoT Slam in North Carolina.  

The virtual video presentation is now available to be viewed online. Registration is required.

From the abstract for his talk:

“The Internet of Things continues to dominate the industry, and it is every bit as big as people say it is. But much like the Internet boom, there can be an “IoT bubble” that will burst. IoT presents overwhelming potential, but it’s also been flooded with useless introductions – from IoT water sprinklers to IoT cat food bowls. These distractions make it difficult to focus on where the opportunity truly lies: the industrial and commercial sectors. Millions and millions of square feet of commercial real estate present an enormous opportunity for the IoT to enable smart buildings, leading to optimization, energy efficiency, sustainability and enhanced comfort.”

About Tanuj Mohan

Tanuj Mohan is the chief technology officer and a co-founder of Enlighted. He has more than 20 years of experience in the computer networking and software industries. Most recently at Tropos Networks, he was responsible for solutions that manage the world’s largest WiFi mesh network. He has also served in management and architectural roles at Cisco, Nevis, Novell and Huges. Tanuj has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

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