Enlighted Distribution, Representatives and Value-Added Resellers

Some of the top experts in the industry are partnering with Enlighted to give their customers easy and quick access to proven IoT solutions for their commercial buildings

Lighting Representatives

Our agencies are independent companies that represent Enlighted within the new and renovation construction arenas. These experts are able to guide projects through each aspect of lighting and control sales. From specification through bidding/negotiation, ordering, monitoring and closing out the project successfully.

Value Added Reseller

Our value-added resellers enhance the value of third-party products or services by integrating with Enlighted’s IoT platform. Our VARS play a prominent role in the commercial real estate industry, offering complete turnkey solutions to meet customer goals.


Enlighted’s distributors sell our products directly to end-users or customers. Distributors are essential in ensuring Enlighted’s products are accessible throughout North America.

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Enlighted’s integrated sensors are available in three different tiers – now you can select the best solution to meet immediate
needs, while ensuring a powerful IoT upgrade path in the future.

We have purchased and installed similar systems from competitors and the overall Enlighted experience was definitely superior.

Ron Sliney
VP Energy Source