Best Practices for Healthcare CIOs Managing IoT

September 21, 2017

IoT technology has the potential to improve patient care and transform hospital operations, and CIOs have the opportunity and responsibility to lead this transformation.

According to research firm Gartner, “Things on the healthcare delivery organization (HDO) network will eventually outnumber other populations of network-attached computing devices, such as PCs, servers, access points, digital signage and mobile devices, combined.*”

These “things” are any device or place within a hospital — from ultrasound machines to IV pumps, wheelchairs to surgical equipment, and more. Almost everything in the hospital is now coming online, and interacting with people and places in innovative ways.

IoT will drive significant technological and organizational change within hospitals, and healthcare CIOs will be expected to step in and lead on the various challenges sand opportunities that IoT presents.

In recognition of this, Enlighted is sharing a best practices guide for healthcare CIOs from research firm Gartner.

Download it below for a limited time:

Best Practices for Healthcare Provider CIOs to Effectively Manage IoT in the Hospital.

* Gartner Best Practices for Healthcare Provider CIOs to Effectively Manage IoT in the Hospital, Gregg Pessin, 28 July 2017