Energy Manager Product Update

September 10, 2020

As you may know, Adobe Flash support will be discontinued by all major Internet browsers at the end of 2020[1]. These browser changes will impact Enlighted Energy Manager customers and partners, so we’re sharing information about an important upcoming product update for your planning purposes.

Saying Goodbye to Flash in Energy Manager, a New Look and a New Name

The Enlighted Energy Manager was originally built using Adobe Flash. We’ve been hard at work re-coding Energy Manager  to remove Flash and comply with the coming browser changes.

At the same time, we’re taking the opportunity to give it a fresh new look and feel. The new version will be available in November as a courtesy upgrade.** Can’t wait?  See ‘Join the Beta Program’ below.

At release we’ll also simplify the name. Going forward it will simply be called Manage to better reflect its broader role in managing the overall Enlighted system. No energy-related or other functionality will be impacted with this name change. 

Since the first release of Energy Manager (a decade ago) its functionality has evolved far beyond energy management. It now extends into building system automation as a tool for managing non-lighting devices, device settings for non-lighting applications like indoor wayfinding and asset tracking, and even open APIs for custom third-party software applications.

Manage will continue the versioning used by Energy Manager. The first Manage release will be Manage 4.0 and will include a new UI technology stack and a new, modern look and feel.

Action Required in November or December

There is no immediate action for our Energy Manager customers to take – unless you are interested in joining the beta program for earlier access (see below). But, as Flash is being discontinued industry-wide at the end of the year, you should plan to upgrade to Manage 4.0 before that happens. Upgrading to Manage 4.0 from earlier versions of the Energy Manager will be no different than the already familiar Energy Manager upgrade process.

We’ll provide more detail when Manage 4.0 is available. Additionally, you can find a technical Q&A on our Zendesk customer support portal, where more technical guidance will be added at release. As always our support team is available by chat, email, and phone, and will be ready to help ensure a quick and seamless transition.

Join The Beta Program!

you are interested in joining the beta program for Manage 4.0 this fall, or want to be kept up to date with future announcements, please click HERE.*** We’d be delighted to set you up.

We’re excited to unveil Manage — we think you’ll love it. Stay tuned for more, soon.

The Enlighted Team


**Enlighted customers with MSI Energy Managers, typically purchased in 2015 and earlier, should contact Enlighted Support for your upgrade options.

***As of November, Manage 4.0 has now been launched and the Beta program has ended.

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