Enlighted Academy: Contractor Edition

December 21, 2020

The Enlighted Academy’s latest webinar introduces the Enlighted system to electrical contractors and designers. The webinar explains Enlighted’s products, benefits, and installation specifications.

Enlighted Makes Designers Jobs Easier

Enlighted’s advanced lighting control system provides occupancy and vacancy detection.  The sensors detect both artificial and natural daylight and is a closed loop photocell adjusting to the desired foot candle level on the workspace.  Enlighted makes day light harvesting easy by integrating it into our sensors. Designers no longer have to design for daylight harvesting!

Enlighted Makes Verification Easier

The Enlighted sensor is an edge-based device that collects data 65 times per second about motion, light, power, temperature, and Bluetooth activity. Enlighted also allows for both utility grade power metering for rebates and notification power monitoring.  Our system has the ability to provide automated demand reduction and automated demand response to avoid peak demand charges from utility companies.       

Enlighted Makes Contractors Jobs Easier

The Enlighted sensor is easily installed in the ceiling or by your lighting fixture manufacturer of choice at their factory.  This allows for easy, safe and simple retrofitting or new construction installation. 

Instructions Included

The webinar explains how to set up and commission the easy-to-install and fast-to-program Enlighted One sensor and wall-switch setup. Other considerations covered include installing switches, sensors, and hardware.  The webinar offers tips for installation. For example, while the system typically has one sensor per light, if there are multiple downlights in the same room, it’s possible to connect up to four lights per sensor.

IoT-Ready Systems

The webinar wraps up with a discussion of how the Enlighted system makes facilities immediately ready for a broad range of IoT applications. Enlighted sensory system gathers data to be used in multiple ways: digital contact tracing, space utilization, conference room and desk booking, and Real-time location services which allow user to locate people and assets. The possibilities are endless as long as the digital ceiling is available.

Find out more by downloading the webinar here. Registration is required.

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