Enlighted Academy: Specifier Edition

September 1, 2020

Learn more by watching the webinar here (registration required).

The Enlighted Academy: Specifier Edition webinar provides the information required to successfully design an Enlighted system. Presented by Enlighted’s Adam Gouda, Channel Sales Regional Manager, the webinar presents an overview of the individual hardware components of the Enlighted system, including its architecture and topology, and covers best practices for the design of common space types and field applications.

Enlighted, acquired by Siemens Smart Infrastructure in 2018, is a leading provider of IoT solutions for smart buildings, and its advanced network infrastructure has collected more than 20 terabytes of data for thousands of companies, including 20% of the world’s Fortune 100 companies.

The Enlighted Channel Team covers North American territories, providing a robust network that can answer questions and provide support for specifiers and the construction channel entities within each territory.

Enlighted Empowers Specifiers

Gouda explains how the Enlighted IoT platform contains a network of smart sensors, creating a digital ceiling that gathers rich, detailed data, providing a robust platform of software dashboards, about what is happening in a building. This data powers smart IoT applications that make workplaces more productive, efficient and safe.

He describes how the fixture- and ceiling-mounted sensors gather data, which is transmitted to the gateway units that communicate via hard wire CAT 5 to an energy manager that collects and analyses the information, allowing for individual sensor  adjustments, and documents specifics like energy usage, building and room occupancy, aggregated movements and more. The system can also adjust high end trim lighting levels, provide daylight harvesting, and ensure immediate compliance with energy code standards including IECC 2018, ASHRAE 90.1:2019 and Title 24 California Energy Code.

Gouda also explains how the Enlighted IoT platform is scalable to meet changing building needs, and how an installation can evolve from the most basic room-based application, called Enlighted One, to the more advanced networked Enlighted Connected and Enlighted IoT platforms, simply by adding three pieces of hardware and software and upgrading/downgrading the sensors firmware over the air.

To illustrate the value of Enlighted applications, Gouda discusses the idea of JLL’s 3-30-300 rule, a way to measure costs and create value from a building IoT installation with Enlighted. The $3 cost represents the utility costs per square foot per year, of which $1 is lighting and $2 accounts for mechanical systems. The $30 represents the cost of the building per square foot per year, including rent, insurance and ancillary facility items that run the building. Finally, the $300 cost represents the people in the building per square foot per year. If Enlighted can provide outstanding paybacks and ROI for $3 a square foot, imagine the ROI and savings generated when our IOT platform adds immense impact to the building and its occupants, maximizing efficiencies of building systems and ensuring productivity of its people.

The webinar also explains how the Enlighted Where application provides asset and human location services, by communicating with Bluetooth-enabled badge and equipment tags that appear on the building’s floor plan in real time–something of particular use for healthcare, senior living centers, commercial office space, as well as industrial and K-12 and higher education markets.

Finally, Gouda provides an overview of reasons to specify Enlighted. First, because it’s a robust, 3-tiered system that is easily upgradable and scalable. Second, because it is networked and also has distributed intelligence, so it is virtually fail-safe. And third, because it provides advanced lighting controls, granular sensing for a broad range of data, and wireless communication to add to ease of deployment.

Learn more by watching the webinar here (registration required).

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