Enlighted Co-Founder Tanuj Mohan Wins CxO of the Year from IoT Global Awards

November 19, 2020

Enlighted Co-Founder Tanuj Mohan has won the prestigious IoT Global Awards (IOTGA) CxO of the Year award for his role as Enlighted’s Chief Technology Officer. The award looked for “the most creative, innovative, dynamic, or inspirational Chief Officer in the Internet of Things,” when making their selection.

This is the second time the IoT Global Awards have recognized Enlighted. In 2018, Enlighted’s IoT platform won the IOTGA award in the Big Data, Cloud, and Analytics category, which recognized IoT product innovation.  Founded in 2017, the IoT Global Awards recognize outstanding leadership and achievement across 11 categories of IoT innovation encompassing every sector touched by the Internet of Things.

“Tanuj co-founded and help build Enlighted from a concept into the world’s IoT technology leader,” said Stefan Schwab, Enlighted CEO. “Tanuj and his team are not only transforming the office work experience by revolutionizing the way intelligent buildings and people interact, the technology is being used to help keep employees safe during COVID-19 and beyond. This award is a great recognition of his achievements.”

An award-winning, 20-year technology veteran with expertise in computer networking, security and software, Mohan drives the company’s technical vision and innovation. He is responsible for many of Enlighted’s technology advancements and building the company into the world leader in building IoT. This year alone, Tanuj and the Enlighted team launched a digital workplace contact tracing and risk reduction application, Safe, to help bring employees back into the workplace safely and with confidence. The team also developed a new Surface Sensor, designed for quick and easy installation directly on workplace surfaces such as conference rooms, ceilings or under desks, that is expended to accelerate commercial IoT adoption.

Mohan’s passion is centered on helping businesses solve resource inefficiencies through the IoT. He continues to focus on the importance of gathering and analyzing data for actionable insights while prioritizing the need for human privacy.

“I’m honored to be recognized by IoT Global Awards as CxO of the year,” said Mohan. “With COVID-19, we had to scramble while innovating and leveraging our future proof platform and re-usable building blocks to create meaningful customer value. We believe data holds the key to improving how we work, survive and thrive. This recognition from IOTGA further validates our commitment to make occupant centric buildings smarter, safer, and more efficient.”

Now in its third year, the IoT Global Awards have grown into a highly anticipated industry event, with an increase of over 300% in submissions from 2018-2019 alone. Its mission to search out and recognise the people, enterprises and products making serious waves in the IoT sector.

Congratulations Tanuj! Enlighted is lucky to have you as our Chief Technology Officer.

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