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October 6, 2020

Frost & Sullivan’s in-depth research into best practices in the IoT building platforms sector has yielded another prestigious award for Enlighted — North American Company of the Year.

Enlighted previously earned the Frost & Sullivan North American New Product Innovation Award in 2019. Other notable past Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year award winners include Amazon Web Services, AT&T and Cisco.

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The award is significant due to the depth and rigor of the methodology. Frost & Sullivan benchmarked leading companies in the IoT space using 20 key criteria across two main categories: Visionary Innovation and Performance, and Customer Impact.

According to Frost & Sullivan:

“To receive the Company of the Year Award (i.e., to be recognized as a leader not only in your industry, but among non-industry peers) requires a company to demonstrate excellence in growth, innovation, and leadership. This excellence typically translates into superior performance in three key areas—demand generation, brand development, and competitive positioning—that serve as the foundation of a company’s future success and prepare it to deliver on the two factors that define the Company of the Year Award: Visionary Innovation and Performance, and Customer Impact).”

Frost & Sullivan were particularly impressed with Enlighted’s “building data as a service” concept, which presents open application programming interfaces (APIs) to a rich repository of building data residing in the cloud. This API access allows third party applications to build upon the core functionality of the platform and offer new analytics, features, and services that might otherwise not be possible. 

Examples include applications that push real-time occupancy information from a specific area within a building to HVAC systems for further energy optimization (i.e. reducing heating/cooling or airflow in less occupied areas). And applications that interface with conference room management systems to release a conference room if no one shows up to a scheduled meeting. 

The report concluded that Enlighted “…leverages a cutting-edge solution to provide innovative and ground-breaking solutions that redefine the building IoT platform industry. By providing granular data on multiple variables, the company enables building managers to fine-tune their energy utilization, maximize real estate, optimize the occupant experience and even respond to the effects of COVID-19. The company’s partnership with Siemens AG, further cements its position in the market…” Based on these conclusions and combined with the company’s commitment to sustainability and net-zero initiatives, Enlighted was recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 North America Company of the Year Award in the Building IoT Platforms industry.

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