Enlighted GEO Makes Buildings Brilliant

March 27, 2017

This recent article in Energy Manager Today emphasized how changes in the lighting industry are creating opportunities for organizations to adopt and leverage the growing power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The ongoing transition to LED lighting means that organizations can use a “lighting-as-a-service” financing model to deploy an advanced IoT platform like Enlighted’s with little or no up-front capital.

LED lighting fixtures with built-in IoT sensors are installed throughout a building, and can dramatically improve the delivery of building management services, reduce operating costs, and much more. The installation costs are then paid back from future energy savings.

According to the author, Carl Weinschenk,“The bottom line is that lighting-as-a-service (LaaS) is an opportunity for the new model to be used to deploy technology that potentially will have far more impact than simply upgrading lighting.”

Enlighted has been offering LaaS for several years through our innovative Global Energy Optimization (GEO) Program. With GEO, customers can upgrade their lighting, and adopt the Internet of Things in their facilities, without spending capital.

Enlighted installs and maintain the IoT platform, and the system is paid back over time from future lighting energy savings, which can be as high as 90% immediately upon installation. GEO has been a big part of Enlighted’s acquisition of an impressive portfolio of globally recognized Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies, and more than 130 million installed square feet of commercial real estate worldwide.

Once a customer has adopted the Enlighted IoT platform, using energy savings to pay for the infrastructure, the building comes alive. The Enlighted IoT platform acts like a sensor system for the building, and results in a multitude of benefits, from lighting and HVAC optimization to improved space planning, asset tracking, and workspace designs that are more comfortable, safe, and productive for building occupants.

With Enlighted’s advanced sensor and networking technology, cloud-based apps and analytics, and powerful visualization and reporting, Enlighted makes smart buildings brilliant.

To learn more about the Enlighted IoT platform, and Enlighted GEO, drop us a quick note.