Enlighted Manage 4.0 Is Now in Beta!

October 22, 2020

Join the Manage 4.0 Beta Program. ***

***As of November, Manage 4.0 has now been launched and the Beta program has ended.

In September, we announced an important upcoming update to the Enlighted Energy Manager in this blog.

The new, refreshed version — called Manage 4.0 — will be available as a courtesy upgrade for Enlighted customers* in November.  It eliminates Adobe Flash used by the Energy Manager web interface, for which support is being discontinued in all major internet browsers at the end of the year.   For more information please visit the September announcement.

Today, we’re also excited to announce that the new Manage 4.0 is now available in Beta. And that Enlighted customers are invited to join the Manage 4.0 Beta Program.  ***

By joining the Beta program you’ll gain:

  • Early access to new features, and the refreshed look and feel of Manage 4.0.
  • The ability to provide feedback on Manage 4.0 before it goes into full production.
  • Get a jump on making the important transition, given that all major internet browsers will discontinue Flash support soon. 

We’re positive you’re going to love what you see — we hope to see you in the Beta program.

Follow the link below, and be sure to check “Sign up to be a part of the Manage 4.0 Beta Program” after telling us about your installed Energy Manager.

Join the Manage 4.0 Beta Program.***

*Enlighted customers with MSI Energy Managers, typically purchased in 2015 and earlier, should contact Enlighted Support for your upgrade options

***As of November, Manage 4.0 has now been launched and the Beta program has ended.

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