Enlighted Meets and Exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2019

June 30, 2020

Download Our Guide to ASHRAE 2019 Compliance for Lighting Control here

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers(ASHRAE) provides engineering guidelines for minimum energy efficiency standards for all new and retrofitted buildings, except low-rise residential.

The guidelines are updated regularly, with the most recent changes made in 2019. A growing number of jurisdictions use these standards to guide energy efficiency decisions for new and retrofitted construction. As of March 2020, all but eight states had adopted some version of ASHRAE 90.1 guidelines.

Section 9, which covers lighting, includes guidelines for indoor lighting power density (measured in watts/square foot), as well as controls for lighting inside and outsidebuildings, and in parking garages.

Enlighted provides immediate compliance with the lighting requirements in the 2019standard, and goes above and beyond requirements to future-proof for additional updates.

Immediate Compliance:
Each update of ASHRAE creates new requirements for building projects.
Implementing Enlighted now enables immediate compliance, and helps to avoidfuture costs and unexpected project delays.

Simplified Utility Rebates:
Utility incentives are changing rapidly — new utility incentives are being created for systems that go beyond ASHRAE compliance. Installing Enlighted simplifies the utility rebate process on building projects.

Easy Certifications:
Installing Enlighted prepares building owners to immediately qualify for future utility rebates as they emerge, and simplifies the LEED certification process.

Complete Monitoring:
As in previous versions of the standard, measurement devices must be installed in new buildings to monitor the electrical energy use for each of the following separately: a. Total electrical energy b. HVAC systems c. Interior lighting d. Exterior lighting e. Receptacle circuits. For buildings with tenants, these systems shall be separately monitored for the total building and (excluding shared systems) for each individual tenant.

The Enlighted IoT platform is the only connected lighting platform that can meet the rigorous energy measurement and metering requirements in the standard immediately upon installation, and across our entire portfolio of IoT-powered smart building solutions.

Download Our Complete Guide to ASHRAE 2019 Compliance here

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