Enlighted Shortlisted in Three Categories for Prestigious IoT World Awards 2020

March 8, 2020
Enlighted has been nominated for awards in three separate categories in this year’s IoT World Awards. These categories are:
  • Best IoT Platform
  • Best Healthcare IoT Deployment
  • IoT Partnership of the Year (with our Siemens sister company Comfy)

  • The IoT World Awards recognize the best solutions, companies and individuals in the industry, voted for by a panel of 10 independent judges. The winners will be announced on August 11 at the awards ceremony in San Jose, California. IoT World is North America’s largest IoT event bringing together 12,500+ leaders and innovators across the IoT community.

    Enlighted’s Best IoT Platform Award nomination showcases the system’s power to solve a wide range of business challenges in both commercial buildings and healthcare facilities — from reducing operating costs, to maximizing efficiencies,improving occupant experiences, and enhancing productivity.

    Enlighted’s nomination for the Best Healthcare IoT Deployment Award comes thanks to its work for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. The Wrightington,Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust (WWL), which operates five hospital sites in the United Kingdom, partnered with Enlighted to help reduce energy use, gain increased lighting control, improve lighting quality, and unlock Internet of Things(IoT) benefits including occupancy and utilization reports and real time location services solutions.

    The project’s initial savings from energy use were £38,000 ($48,500 USD) per year,with a payback of four years. Additional savings and efficiencies are expected from the IoT deployment, which has also improved the patient experience by helping improve quality of care, contributing to space utilization efforts, and increasing mobile asset, staff, and administrative productivity.

    Enlighted’s nomination for the IoT Partnership of the Year Award recognizes its partnership with Comfy, the world’s leading provider of workplace experience solutions. Improving productivity in workplaces is at the heart of Enlighted’s partnership with Comfy. The collaboration, an intelligent desk reservation system using Enlighted’s smart desk sensor with Comfy’s mobile app and analytics dashboard, addresses a growing need for open, activity-based workplaces. By using Enlighted sensors to determine workspace availability, companies can encourage collaboration and creativity with flexible desk arrangements.

    “Enlighted’s vision of creating a comprehensive ‘building sensory system’ now extends to each workspace, with our sensors capturing data and providing intelligence to improve the workplace experience” said Enlighted CEO Stefan Schwab. “Working with Comfy on the intelligent desk reservation system is just the beginning of our partnership.”

    Installed in more than 320 million square feet of commercial real estate, Enlighted’s lighting-based sensors combine multiple sensing technologies, local processing and wireless communications with Bluetooth capabilities to support location services and automated check-in functionality. The Enlighted IoT platform also generates energy savings that offset the cost of installation, making the ROI attractive to numerous

    Link: IOT World Awards
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