Gartner Selects Enlighted as 2016 Cool Vendor

July 11, 2016
Enlighted Inc.

We are incredibly proud to be selected as a Gartner 2016 Cool Vendor.

The Cool Vendors report is a highly anticipated publication from respected independent research firm Gartner — it profiles the most disruptive new technology companies. The 2016 cohort included 456 Cool Vendors across nearly 100 categories.

Gartner defines a Cool Vendor as a company that is:

Innovative: enables users to do things they couldn’t do before.
Impactful: has or will have a business impact, not just technology for its own sake.
Intriguing: has caught Gartner’s interest during the past six months.

Enlighted was selected among as a leading Internet of Things (IoT) company in the Smart City Applications and Solutions category.

Enlighted delivers state-of-the-art capabilities while being scalable, upgradeable and secure. The system has been proven in enterprises worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies such as Google, HP, and Uber and has been installed in over 135M square feet of building space. As a result, companies are significantly reducing lighting, HVAC and space costs while improving occupant comfort, productivity and safety.

Enlighted also allows customers to pay back all technology costs from a portion of future energy savings.

Vendors cannot apply to become a Cool Vendor, they must be independently chosen by Gartner’s analysts after a rigorous vetting process that evaluates the company’s full and potential future impact in their marketplace.

Learn more about Enlighted or read the Cool Vendor Report.

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