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September 21, 2015
Enlighted Inc.

Lack of capital, insufficient ROI, and dedicated project management for strategic energy projects often prevent cost-effective facility projects from being implemented.

The Enlighted Global Energy Optimization (GEO) program removes these barriers to implementation.

How does GEO work?

Enlighted installs its advanced sensor and building control system for qualifying GEO customers, with zero capital investment required.

We then recover all project costs out of the building’s net energy savings over a period of 2-3 years on average.

The typical Enlighted building immediately achieves a 50-70% reduction in energy costs, and realizes 20% in savings for the duration of the payback term – after Enlighted receives its share of the annual energy savings,

GEO customers continue to achieve a 60-80% reduction in energy costs after the initial payback term, thanks to the advanced building optimization capabilities of Enlighted.

Is it really cost-free?

Because your company’s capital position is never negatively impacted, we consider GEO to be both cost-free and risk-free, with the potential to save millions per year for clients with large commercial real estate footprints.

Which companies are using GEO?

Enlighted has 6 global customers using GEO to date, including a major global fashion retailer, two major global information technology companies, two major healthcare companies, and a major electronics company. AT&T alone has installed Enlighted in 120 million square feet of commercial real estate, and is saving $8 million per year through the GEO program.

In 2015, AT&T recognized Enlighted with its Outstanding Supplier Award.

Does my company qualify?

Enlighted offers GEO to global real estate portfolios including office, lab, data center, distribution facilities, light industrial, retail and even exterior lighting.

To see whether your business or institution qualifies for GEO, please contact a GEO expert at:

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