IoT: From The Past to the Future

December 30, 2020

Tanuj Mohan, Enlighted Chief Technical Officer and co-founder, recently shared some pivotal moments in IoT history at the Siemens Smart Infrastructure and Summit Expo – a virtual event on the future of the workplace. 

Click below to view his presentation titled “The IoT Journey: What a Decade of Data Can Tell Us About the Future.” 

Watch the full presentation here.

Believe it or not, a missing slide projector — and the realization that combining data streams could help find it — led to one of the most important early advances in Internet of Things (IoT) technology. 

Since then, the IoT has become an essential tool for productivity, energy savings, life safety, and workplace efficiency. But back then, only the most visionary thinkers imagined its potential. You can watch the presentation to find out how exactly Mohan secured angel investors – even when the IoT was still early in the curve of acceptance, and adoption.

Mohan talks about Enlighted’s ability to identify customer pain points, and how the company was able to find ways to use IoT to solve those problems. The opportunity quickly led to dozens of use cases, and Mohan reveals how he then convinced facilities managers, a notoriously conservative market, to invest in IoT despite its status as a new, and largely unproven technology. 

As a growing number of facilities took the leap to install Enlighted’s advanced lighting controls and building-wide IoT infrastructure, the number of use cases grew. So did the number of new applications using the open-source data the infrastructure both generated, and provided.

Today, the ROI is obvious, across industries. In healthcare, sensor-driven advanced location services save nurses an hour every day that would otherwise be spent locating equipment. In industry, shipping, and retail, the platform’s badging ability protects and tracks valuable assets. In schools and offices, motion and occupancy sensing supports strategies for safer spaces. And in any facility, the Enlighted IoT platform saves up to 90% in energy costs with code-compliant automatic shut offs and daylight harvesting. 

Enlighted’s open-source data and edge processing capabilities can help future proof buildings, Mohan explains. And as new pain points emerge, new possibilities do, too. Never has that been so apparent as with the current global pandemic. 

While Enlighted’s sensor-based IoT was already an exceptional tool for maximizing office real estate, its same functionality is now being deployed to enable a safe and healthy return to work. Mohan points out that as people find ways to use IoT data to solve more and more pain points, the future potential is virtually limitless. 

Watch the full presentation here.

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