IoT: Learning from Your Peers

December 30, 2020

Richard Nowak, Siemens’ Head of Smart Buildings, Intelligent Infrastructure, and Automation recently hosted an insightful discussion at the Siemens Smart Infrastructure Summit and Expo. The event was titled “Learn from Your Peers: Real IoT Applications.”  

Watch the full discussion here.

Presenters from two seemingly disparate sectors — rail shipping and higher education — revealed compelling evidence about how implementing smart infrastructure in their operations led to both greater efficiency, and exciting business opportunities.

Carlo Vasquez, the Director of Facilities and Research for University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) shared the story of his university’s IoT journey. Their goal was to improve energy savings, safety and HVAC optimization across the 30-building campus. For Vasquez, embarking on an IoT journey was an obvious choice because it solved all of his problems at the same time. 

UTEP chose Enlighted, and Vasquez is thrilled by the system, which has created massive energy savings on the campus. “It’s [been] a phenomenal option for us,” said Vasquez. 

“The university saved 70% on its electricity bill, and our goal is to have a system so smart that it can anticipate future failures based on data, historical information, usage, and the way we manage our space.”

“It’s a brand new generation of data,” said Vasquez. “People who say, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it – they were happy riding horses. Now we have electric vehicles.”

Nathan Bouche, UTEP’s operations manager, also joined the panel to explain even more use cases for the sensors installed in every light fixture in the UTEP library. Bouche explains how he’s using data from the IoT sensors to improve campus security for students. 

Finally, panelist David Kosla, who manages all mechanical infrastructure capital projects for rail shipping giant CSX, revealed some tips for getting the entire operation on board with the IoT journey. He shares how IoT has made his operations more efficient and reliable, and also how it allows him to get a better night’s sleep.  

The best part, Vasquez says, is the fact there is no upfront cost to implementing the system. Tune in to the panel to hear more about the “phenomenal ROI,” and how all of these benefits were captured without the need for up front capital.

Watch the full discussion here.

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