Joe Costello Featured as Top Innovator in Lux Magazine

September 28, 2017

Lux Magazine, an independent source of lighting industry news and expertise, has selected Enlighted CEO Joe Costello as one of  “10 disruptors transforming lighting.”

Lux described Joe and his peers as “the key individuals driving the industry into a brave new world of digital, connected lighting. These visionary men and women are bringing rapid and radical change to a sector that’s more used to long product cycles and traditional glass and sheet metal technologies.”

Here’s how Lux described Joe specifically:

“You won’t find a more passionate evangelist for connected lighting anywhere on the planet. Costello, a former board member of Oracle, believes lighting will be a key technology in making the internet of things a reality. Enlighted has been the torchbearer, and the first company to successfully sell data from lighting.”

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