Lumina Project Insight Forum: New York

March 30, 2015
Enlighted Inc.

Big Idea #1 – Simplify, simplify, simplify. Adoption both in design and occupancy are directly correlated to the simplicity and usability of controls.

  • Work with manufacturers to design intuitive controls, that are easy to use, and demonstrate direct benefits
  • Design systems that are seamless across technologies and integrate with other non-lighting building technologies
  • Simplify the ROI calculation process during purchase to clearly quantify long-term operational savings of controls (e.g., the way solar installers currently position sales)

Big Idea #2 – Turn data into information. The value of data lies in the quality and accessibility of the information generated, along with a return on investment for technology that produces data.

  • Identify ways to transform data generated from lighting networks into meaningful information with useful applications
  • Conduct mini research project to sample data generated on a select buildings to determine use by occupants and effectiveness on performance and other factors
  • Create an easy-to-understand materials (e.g., video) for a wide range of audiences (including facility mangers, executives and owners) that demonstrate the value of data (potential and actual) for overall operations


The Luminaries agreed that it is imperative to coalesce these and other ideas from across Insight Forums to create a stronger, more forward-thinking voice for the industry. Articulating this advanced vision could inspire the industry to work toward a larger and more impactful role of lighting.

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