Safe and Healthy Buildings Get People Back to Work

December 7, 2020

Reid Senescu, Enlighted’s Vice President of Software and Solutions, recently delivered a presentation on “Safe and Healthy Buildings,” at the Siemens Smart Infrastructure Summit and Expo.

It was a fascinating talk, and we encourage anyone interested in the future of smarter, safe workplaces to watch the session.

Senescu points out that employees and employers need to feel confident that a return to the workplace will meet safety guidelines, while allowing workers to stay healthy and productive. And with 70% of surveyed workers saying they’d prefer to return to the office for at least one or two days a week, employers also need to adapt their real estate portfolios.

But how can enterprises adapt to the changing shape of the workforce now, and in months and years to come? How can they meet the goal of appropriate real estate for employees to collaborate in-person when they want to, without unnecessary expenditures and underutilized office spaces?

It’s a balancing act that can be solved with technology, Senescu explains. While the Internet of Things has long been at the heart of smart building technologies, it’s clearly coming into its own in response to COVID-19.

Senescu details how Enlighted’s smart sensors, applications, and data analytics can help facilities address the problem of workplace safety and productivity, while keeping people safe and tackling the challenges of adapting real estate portfolios to current workforce dynamics. 

An IoT-enabled system like Enlighted’s can help facilities get their people safely back to in-person business, Senescu explains.

In places like schools, where physical distancing compliance is difficult to maintain, the Enlighted system offers insights for monitoring use patterns and traffic flow. In offices, it can give peace of mind knowing that employees can reserve sanitized desk space. Contacts and building usage patterns can be easily traced and analyzed. The system can even help janitorial staff clean more effectively by focusing on high-traffic areas first.

Finally, the session reveals how the Enlighted system solves safety problems. From access, when a person enters the building, to daily operations where people are inside the building and going about their work. Enlighted’s IoT platform helps social distancing compliance, and, should an exposure happen, can reveal who came in contact, and for how long—while still keeping individuals’ identities anonymous.

While it seems like stuff of science fiction, the technology is available today. It can get people back to work safely. And when COVID-19 is finally over, the Enlighted IoT platform will continue to provide the same exceptional IoT functionality that it does today.

You can watch the full session here.

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