Siemens Smart Infrastructure Academy Launches Enlighted Commissioning Training

December 21, 2020

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Enlighted’s new Commissioning Training course is launching this January, as the newest addition to the Siemens Smart Infrastructure Academy. It was designed for contractors and companies to gain new skills, form new business relationships, and to gain an understanding of how to install the Enlighted IoT platform. The four-day, instructor-led course gives you practical skills that lead to an official accreditation.

By becoming an accredited Enlighted commissioner, you’ll unlock a new skill set in the most advanced IoT platform on the market today. Your instructor will guide you through a series of lessons that will show you how to configure the Enlighted IoT platform, giving you the ability to start-up your own new projects and deployments.

You’ll learn how to perform commissioning for the system, and in the process, become adept at troubleshooting, making you a valuable advisor for contractors, and project and building managers.

At times, Enlighted may also call on companies and individuals with Enlighted commissioning accreditation to support external projects. “We turn first to accredited contractors who we can count on to deliver top quality for our most important projects,” says Enlighted’s Professional Services lead Rushit Patel.

The course provides an in-depth look at the components and functionality of the Enlighted IoT platform, and Enlighted Manage (formerly Energy Manager). You’ll also learn how to describe templates and profiles in the system, make informed recommendations for a range of configuration challenges, support clients with recurring tasks like firmware upgrades, backups and restores, and user account configurations. 

All of this requires some additional skill with software installation and configuration, so you’ll spend a portion of your time in the course learning about the EmConfig software and its related files. You’ll become confident in installing the software on laptops, connecting it to the Manage, and commissioning lighting groups and scenes using the software. 

Once you’ve successfully completed the course, the Siemens Smart Infrastructure Academy will send you the Enlighted Accreditation certificate. An Enlighted field engineer will confirm your learning through a virtual review of your first programmed site.

Spots are limited, so don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to join a growing industry.

Individuals will need to go to and click on register on the top right corner to set up an account. Once you set up an account, search for this course: AUT 8213*

Enlighted Commissioning Training

Cost: $2,300 USD per person

*Dates/Times:  Course dates and availability varies, please check back often for an updated schedule.

Register for Enlighted Commissioning Training.

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