Enlighted Featured in IoT Evolution Magazine

July 26, 2017

Enlighted was recently profiled by IoT Evolution Magazine. The article traces the evolution of lighting and buildings from the breakthrough innovations of Edison to the lighting-based IoT technologies that are  transforming how buildings operate today.

The following is an excerpt:

“Smart Buildings: Giving Buildings Consciousness

More than 130 years after Edison’s bright idea transformed society and workplace productivity, lighting technology is being revolutionized. This time, it’s not just about bulbs. The transformation, in the words of one lighting-technology executive, “will give buildings consciousness.”

This revolution now comes from the Internet of Things (IoT), a marriage of lighting elements, sensors, software and networked systems that not only promises to save companies enormous amounts of energy but also improve employee productivity, safety and wellness. The data being harvested from these IoT systems also are creating other efficiency opportunities within enterprises that recently were either difficult or impossible to imagine. For example, location based services that send employee location to these connected lighting systems help optimize space allocation and utilization, thereby saving thousands of dollars on real estate rent, something that is currently being installed at ARM’s Cambridge HQ.

This kind of opportunity was something John Osborne envisaged when he became ARM’s U.S. head of property in 2015.

Old building, new life

Osborne walked through ARM’s 32-year-old San Jose building, which the company had occupied for a decade and saw a chance to have ARM drink its own IoT Kool-Aid, to leverage its technologies that make workspaces smarter.

Lighting in ARM’s San Jose offices were typical of many offices sprung around the world in the past 20-30 years—fluorescent lighting that could be turned on or off at set intervals, through simple sensors and lighting controls. But advances in electronics, semiconductor and wireless networking technology now enable vastly more intelligent, cost-effective and interactive lighting automation. Lighting and thus spaces can be managed far more effectively, giving managers insights into traffic flows, occupancy trends, indoor environmental quality (temperature, humidity, daylight) there by reducing operation and maintenance costs, slashing energy bills and improving employee productivity.

“If you want to know what’s going on in a building, there’s no better place to do that than to watch from the top down,” said Sanjiv Kaul, EVP, Marketing, Enlighted. The eight-year-old Sunnyvale, Calif., company uses ARM IP in its smart-lighting IoT technology that ARM deployed in its San Jose building. The company is so passionate about the business that its chairman and CEO, well-known Silicon Valley executive Joe Costello, likes to say “we give buildings consciousness.”

You can read the entire article here.