Technology Powers the New Normal Workplace

December 6, 2020

Enlighted CEO Stefan Schwab recently spoke to the challenges and opportunities of workplace safety during COVID-19, in a panel discussion called “Transitioning to the New Normal Workplace.” The event was held virtually this November as part of the Siemens Smart Infrastructure Summit and Expo.

It was an engaging discussion, and we encourage anyone interested in the future of smart, safe workplaces to watch the session.

At the start of COVID-19, many were suggesting that the office as we know it was essentially dead. These predictions have, however, proven premature as organizations around the world have begun to use sophisticated technologies from the Internet of Things (IoT) to create safer, more productive workplaces.

As a panelist, Schwab explains that he has seen numerous companies, including Enlighted, adjusting to this new normal. People are doing everything they can to stay safe in their personal lives, and they want to know that their employers are doing the same for them at work.

Smart building technology, he says, is a great way to ensure that employees can stay safe and productive, while showing them that you are working hard to keep them safe in the office. And in the long term, that same technology can help future-proof a workplace during a time of rapid technological and organizational change.

Schwab, along with panelists Erica Eaton, interim CEO and COO of Comfy, and Paolo Bergamo, Senior Vice President of Customer Transformation and Innovation for Salesforce, share many insights regarding employee expectations for returning to work, and the ways enterprises are meeting those expectations.

They also reveal ways to leverage technology — both Enlighted’s technology and Comfy’s and Salesforce’s software — to help manage ever-shifting workplace regulations and employee expectations. Combined, the three services offer an integrated approach to ensuring safe transitions from home to workplace, appropriate space usage and social distancing at work, and anonymized contact tracing at an enterprise level.

Employees may be both interested in and apprehensive about returning to workplaces, and the panelists also discuss how organizations can create a workplace environment where employees both feel physically safe, and secure regarding their data privacy.

Schwab reveals how the combination of IoT smart infrastructure, open-source data, and apps that help manage the user experience of working in an office, can solve two problems at once. Not only do they have the current challenge of working safely during a global pandemic, but they future proof buildings to instantly adapt to challenges around energy use, code compliance, or future guidelines for usage of physical space.

Watch the session and learn how organizations are addressing today’s challenges, while keeping employees safe and future-proofing their buildings.

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