The Lumina Project: Lighting Up Subterranean NYC

November 17, 2015
Enlighted Inc.

Enlighted is a proud sponsor of The Lumina Project, the lighting industry’s innovative thought leadership symposium. The Lumina Project was founded in 2014, gathering the industry’s best and brightest lighting designers (called Luminaries) to help build a path into the future for the industry. In the built environment, lighting — one of our most ubiquitous and easily accessible building technologies — is critical to transforming our cities and society.

The lighting industry is undergoing significant technological transformation at present, and the Lumina Project, and its luminaries, are leading the way.

Kibum Park, a New York City Luminary, recently received national press for an innovative lighting project in Subterranean New York City. Many visitors to New York are familiar with the City’s successful urban park, the The Highline. Building on (or rather under) the success of this project, Park and others have taken the first steps to build a new park, called The Lowline. This new project will be the world’s first lush, underground park – built beneath the streets of New York City.

Wired Design recently took a tour of the prototype for the park — it is called Lowline Lab, and described it as “a live, solar technology research center and a landscape design and botanical research center as well.”

According to Wired, “For the Lowline, the challenge will be bringing natural sunlight, thousands of plants, and quiet recreation into a long defunct, underground trolley station.”


Learn more about the Lumina Project.

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