Unleashing the Potential of Connectivity for Enterprise Buildings

October 26, 2015
Enlighted Inc.

Enlighted’s Smart Sensor technology brings enterprise property to the IoT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming every area of business, and there’s been plenty of talk about IoT solutions as the key to unlocking the value of enterprise property. According to a recent McKinsey report, embracing IoT solutions in factories, offices, and retail sites could realize as much as $5 trillion per year by 2025. There’s clearly an opportunity here—and we know because we’re already addressing it.

At Enlighted, we’re making IoT solutions a reality for enterprise property. We’ve already installed our smart sensors in more than 70 million sq. ft. of enterprise space worldwide, reducing lighting costs by up to 70 percent for our customers.

As lighting experts at heart, we’re less interested in what people say about solutions, and more interested in what they do to help businesses make a more direct connection with the spaces they occupy. That’s why we’ve focused on addressing and overcoming the key challenges to adopting IoT solutions: cost, installation projects, and integration with existing systems.

Lighting the way to the IoT

Going beyond traditional motion sensors that simply turn lights on or off, our installed networked lighting systems use a combination of advanced sensors, smart controls, and data analytics to provide individual control and detailed data for lighting usage.

With the insights from real-time data, facilities managers gain the ability to make informed adjustments to lighting energy consumption or improve comfort in individual areas. For instance, light-level sensors detect the amount of natural light in a room to allow daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors ensure that lighting is only in use when an area is occupied, and task tuning allows employees to adjust the lighting in their area to meet their needs.

The promise of IoT solutions is huge, but the delivery may seem daunting. With our user-friendly finance model, integrated systems, and practical focus on connectivity, Enlighted makes it easy

1. Clearing the cost hurdle

Cost is a significant barrier to adopting any new system, so we took a look at how we could make it simpler. The result? Our Global Energy Optimization service model (GEO) provides no-money-down financing so that customers can get on with implementing energy-saving upgrades without up-front costs. Reduced risk and quicker ROI—sounds like a good deal to us.

2. Unleashing the power of connectivity

IoT systems are most powerful when they enable connectivity. We believe IoT systems for enterprise property should connect people and place more directly by linking systems that give people the power to fine tune the environment.

Wherever you find people, you find lights, so we started by embedding our low-power sensors into lighting fixtures. With multiple sensors capturing data constantly, it is possible to build up an accurate real-time picture of conditions in every corner of a building. Sharing the data with other building systems creates endless possibilities and begins to multiply its value.

For instance, one of our newest apps, Aire, allows building managers to access real-time temperature, occupancy, and lighting data collected by the sensors. Facilities managers acquire instant visibility into conditions and can immediately adjust heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for a specific area. The results are increased comfort for building occupants and optimized energy consumption.

Another new app, Space, uses occupancy and motion tracking data to provide insight into how individual spaces within a building are being used. Tracking the data reveals patterns of usage that can inform space planning. The result is increased productivity from employees whose surroundings now support the way they work, and optimized energy costs as HVAC is tailored to what’s needed rather than a best guess.

Connecting systems gives companies a new and powerful ability to change how they use their buildings, manage energy consumption, and tailor environments for everything from reception areas and offices to highly controlled laboratories and storage.

3. Making advanced solutions easy

With Enlighted, achieving powerful connectivity isn’t complicated. As we’ve developed our solutions, we’ve made sure that the systems are simple to design, install, and service.

In existing buildings, for example, sensors are installed in the current fittings, doing away with the need for lengthy retrofitting projects. For new builds, we’re partnering with lighting manufacturers to ensure the technology is built in. Everything is code-compliant and future-proofed to meet the requirements for enterprise building.

The IoT future is bright

It’s clear that IoT solutions will transform the way businesses connect with enterprise buildings, and the potential is only limited by our imagination. This technology could be used to program vacuum cleaners to clean only high-traffic areas. It could be used to track assets in hospitals, thereby saving lives. It could be used to optimize warehouses for faster order shipment. It can be used to help your business move to the next level.

We’re already creating easy-to-use, infinitely customizable systems, more data-rich decision-making, and limitless value for our customers. Lighting really is just the beginning.

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