Watch Joe Costello’s LIGHTFAIR Keynote

August 2, 2017

Joe Costello delivered a thrilling keynote for the IoT Forum at LIGHTFAIR 2017 in Philadelphia recently.

In this wide-ranging and engaging talk, Joe discussed the critical importance of the IoT to the future of both the lighting and the commercial real estate industries.

He explained how with the IoT, you need to “get the thing right” meaning that you need to frame the problem at the right scale. For the lighting industry, it’s a common belief that the lights are the “thing” that needs to be managed.

But, he emphasizes, the building is actually the thing that is being managed. The lights are just one part of that greater building system. The value that the IoT brings to buildings is new data and insight into what is happening in the building.

Joe concluded by describing a major emergent risk related to the IoT revolution in commercial buildings, and a powerful new industry alliance called IoT-Ready that has formed to counter it.  

Watch Joe’s talk to learn about it here: