Electrical Contractors

At Enlighted we recognize that Electrical Contractors are a critical partner to our success and play a vital role in implementing our IoT-based lighting solutions for commercial buildings. Enlighted is committed to helping you provide proven, reliable, high-quality solutions to your customers in the shortest amount of time possible.

Save Time and Money with Enlighted

Enlighted smart sensors can be pre-installed into fixtures or retrofitted with kits provided by our OEM partners saving you time in installation. In addition, the Enlighted system allows for control changes after installation without requiring a callback. Most changes can occur remotely by simply reprogramming the Enlighted Manage.

Full Compliance with Local and National Codes

In the ever changing and advanced world of lighting controls, Enlighted is striving to make life simpler. Enlighted’s Lighting Control System supports full compliance with local and national codes (such as Title 24 and ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2013). The granular nature of the system (one sensor per fixture) provides the necessary data to control any area based on environmental factors such as daylighting, shades, skylights, architectural elements and occupant controls.

Benefits for Electrical Contractors
  • Industry-leading solutions
  • Supports compliance with codes in all 50 states
  • Predictable installation costs
  • Simple design process with short list of parts
  • Potential enterprise-wide deployments
  • 10-day shipping
  • Expert support available for all projects

Enlighted Is Easy, Safe and Simple

Built from the ground up, Enlighted’s patented technology delivers a networked, advanced lighting control with granular sensing, distributed intelligence, wireless communication and IT connectivity.
  • Easy to quote
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to start up
  • Offers Emergency solutions
  • Secure: Meets IEEE standards
  • Top-tier Bank standard
  • Simple components
  • Simple design and layout
  • Simple energy code compliance


ECs say the Enlighted OEM program with pre-integrated sensors makes both bidding and installation easy, safe and simple.

Data is the future of lighting

Larry French
Principal Auerbach Glasow French

Looking for a PoE switch to work with your Enlighted system? We suggest the NETGEAR GC108PP FlexPoE switch.