Introducing: The IoT-Ready Alliance

May 10, 2017

Yesterday at LIGHTFAIR 2017 in Philadelphia, Enlighted was proud to participate in the launch of the IoT-Ready Alliance.

The IoT-Ready alliance comes at a critical juncture for the lighting industry. The LED lighting revolution is rapidly accelerating, yet most LED fixtures are still being shipped without IoT sensors installed. Because LED fixtures last decades, this creates enormous infrastructure lock-in risk for companies that adopt LED lighting that is not IoT-Ready.

It is estimated that 350 million LED lighting fixtures will ship worldwide this year including 140 million in the United States. Less than 5 percent of new LED fixtures are shipping with an IoT sensor. Upgrading to IoT after an LED fixture is installed is prohibitively expensive.

From Enlighted CEO Joe Costello:

“There is tremendous urgency to enable today’s shipping LED luminaires to be easily upgraded with IoT technology. Otherwise, these luminaires condemn buildings to be unintelligent for the entire lifecycle of those fixtures. Fifteen or more years is a long time before building owners have another chance to install smart sensors. With IoT-Ready™ fixtures, customers can install future-proof LED luminaires in their buildings.”

IoT-Ready allows building owners to upgrade their lighting today, while feeling secure that the eventual occupant of the building can select an IoT system of their choice later. It also makes upgrading the IoT solution painless. IoT-Ready makes upgrading to lighting-based IoT easy and cost-effective.

“We are very pleased key players from the lighting industry have come together to meet the needs of our customers, and Tridonic is a driving part of it,” said Guido van Tartwijk, CEO at Tridonic. “IoT-Ready™ future-proofs lighting fixtures so that customers do not have to worry about forward compatibility to upcoming technology upgrades that are expected in the fast-developing world of IoT.”

“Property owners, REITs and tenants all expect the next generation of LED lighting and other IoT smart building systems will use open standards to avoid vendor lock-in, integrate seamlessly with Wi-Fi infrastructure to lower deployment costs, and address the security shortfalls of legacy systems,” said Michael Tennefoss, vice president of strategic partnerships at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

“We joined and support the IoT-Ready™ Alliance because they espouse these goals, and are working to ensure that lighting systems deliver a better, more energy efficient user experience without compromising convenience, manageability or network security.”

So, who should become a member of the IoT-Ready Alliance?

Any company or individual in the lighting, IoT, or related industries should become a member of the IoT-Ready Alliance. It will take the entire industry to make IoT-Ready a success, so everyone is strongly encouraged to join. There are a variety of membership levels available.

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