Reserve a Desk within an Open Office Workplace via an App

March 11, 2020

Comfy and Enlighted have partnered to integrate Comfy’s workplace experience platform with Enlighted’s building IoT technology. The partnership’s first project is an intelligent desk reservation system addressing the growing need for open, activity-based workplaces. The reservation system, which combines a consumer-grade employee-facing app and smart, desk-level sensing capabilities, empowers employees to quickly identify desks anywhere in the building that meet their needs, are unoccupied and available in real time. Enlighted’s smart sensors are placed under each open-office workspace. These sensors detect when the desk is in use and provides this information to the Comfy platform, delivering real-time desk availability information to office workers through the Comfy mobile app or kiosks. The sensor data is also aggregated within Comfy, enabling business leaders to gain transparency into peak usage hours, most frequently used workspaces and other desk utilization analytics.

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