Unique innovation center for the future of the building

March 10, 2020

Together with Drees & Sommer, the Center Smart Commercial Building invites you to the Smart Building Solutions conference in the Smart Logistics cluster on the RWTH Aachen Campus on April 1 and 2, 2020. Building owners, investors and other experts are using concrete best practice examples, lectures and interactive workshops to investigate the question of what digitization enables for smart buildings, smart neighborhoods and overarching mobility concepts.

Unique innovation center for the future of the building

Smart Logistics Cluster, © JRF

Together they discuss which new business models offer great opportunities in times of the sharing economy, but also which risks have to be considered.

Nowhere else do so many companies work together on the digital future of the real estate industry

“When assessing the value of a property, a massive rethink will start. Increasing the overall productivity of real estate use through increased productivity, improved working conditions and quality of use as well as new energetic concepts will be decisive and lead to actual sustainability. Only innovations through digitization and software will enable this potential to be tapped. We have the opportunity to decisively shape the necessary standards from our partner consortium, ”says Dr. Gerhard Gudergan, Managing Director of Metropolitan Cities MC GmbH and Head of Center Smart Commercial Building.

Innovation and speed:

The Center Smart Commercial Building on the RWTH Aachen Campus is unique and aims to shape the era of software defined building: together with project developers, investors, operators, planners, technology providers and software companies, the software concepts and security solutions for the building of the future developed and tested. In addition, there are innovative service offerings that include mobility solutions, for example. The partner companies include Drees & Sommer, Signify, Enlighted, Zumtobel, ThingIT, Art-Invest and American Tower Germany as well as ComConsult. The partners are developing the app store for the Smart Commercial Building. Through an open innovation approach, the partners hope for a significant acceleration of innovations in the real estate industry. Mobility and buildings should be thought together and developed further. Components of artificial intelligence and new possibilities of human-machine interaction in the building of the future are developed and tested.

Integration and standards:

So far, the location and the architectural design of a property have primarily determined their value. In the future, this value will depend more and more on the software used and the services for building users. The services include mobility offers and a variety of productivity services that are increasingly becoming part of a rental offer. Charging infrastructures and decentralized energy generation from solar power are literally moving into the building. This goes hand in hand with an enormous increase in the integration of existing software from building management with new IoT and cloud-based components.

Infrastructure and interdisciplinarity

All named partners jointly develop their shared innovation platform in Aachen. The building on the RWTH Aachen Campus with its users and tenants will become a real laboratory – a living lab – for the Smart Commercial Building center. The work is carried out in interdisciplinary research teams: engineers, software developers, architects, city planners, doctors, communication scientists, language experts, computer scientists and social scientists work closely together. The new center benefits from the RWTH Aachen Campus ecosystem and the rapidly growing research infrastructure there.

“Buildings have to be thought of by the user and for him, the convenient and CO2-neutral accessibility of his workplace, in addition to the quality of the job, will be a decisive argument for choosing an employer. Added to this is the integration of logistic supply and disposal. Buildings, quarters, mobility and supply must therefore be thought of as a coherent topic. The complexity of the systems means that we can try them out before using them. This is exactly what we offer in our center, ”added Denis Krechting, Managing Director of Metropolitan Cities MC GmbH.

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