Enlighted is committed to helping our Luminaire OEM Partners navigate through the IoT landscape. No matter what your desired level of engagement is, from basic integration of sensors into your luminaires to providing your customers the entire Enlighted system solution, we’ll provide the support and resources you need.

Enlighted Sensor Overview

Five Simple Steps

  1. Select sensor type based on form factor and application requirements.
    Download Sensor Specification Sheets
  2. Refer to chart above to select other Enlighted components needed based on driver used in luminaire.
  3. Determine location of sensor in luminaire and provide knockout to install sensor into luminaire.
  4. Wire the integrated luminaire as needed.
    Download Wiring Diagrams
  5. Test the luminaire per Enlighted Testing Manual. Then product is ready to ship.

How to Place an Order

To place an initial order with Enlighted and get set up in our system, you will need to complete, sign and submit the Credit Application, W-9 form and Terms & Agreements forms. Upon approval, place your order by emailing the Luminaire OEM purchase order, clearly indicating parts numbers, quantities and ship-to address. Submit initial and subsequent orders to:
Start the Process

Enlighted Webinar On-Demand Replay

Learn how to integrate Enlighted sensors into luminaires to add value, differentiate and transform lighting.

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