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Enlighted System Architecture Overview

Three Simple Steps to Specifying Enlighted Technology

  1. Select sensor type based on space and owner requirements. Refer to chart as a guide in selecting appropriate sensor for your application.
  2. Find a Luminaire OEM that supplies luminaires with integral Enlighted sensors, then specify on drawings and fixture schedule as needed.
  3. Layout sensors and system components on lighting plan based on design guidelines and local codes.


Enlighted System Basic Riser Diagram

Typical Enlighted Design Guidelines

  • 1 Sensor per fixture throughout, to ensure complete sensor coverage of floor plan
  • 1 Sensor Unit every three to four fixtures for lower wattage fixtures or areas of less coverage, e.g. downlights
  • 1 Room Controller switch per enclosed space
  • 1 Gateway per 250 Sensors/150’ radius
  • 1 PoE Switch per 3 Gateways. (ENL can use client’s existing network backbone)
  • 1 Energy Manager per 1000 Sensors (larger version for up to 18,000, or cloud based (unlimited). (Ems can be deployed as 1. Stand Alone, 2. VLAN 3. 4G Modem, 4. Virtualized Machines)
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