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Connectivity is shifting the lighting industry from analog to digital. To facilitate the transition, Enlighted is partnering with lighting manufacturers to deliver embedded smart lighting solutions through integrated luminaires. Enlighted’s cutting edge technology transforms standard luminaires into IoT-compatible devices. Partnering with Enlighted adds value to Luminaire OEM product lines by taking lighting beyond illumination.



Enlighted takes pride in its OEM partnerships and recognizes the key role Luminaire OEMs play in streamlining integration of IoT into commercial real estate.


It all starts with selecting the right Enlighted sensor based on luminaire form factor and application. Consider the driver used, IP rating of the luminaire and typical mounting height. Integrate Enlighted components as needed, then wire and test. It’s that simple. Let us show you how.


Enlighted works closely with Luminaire OEM teams to sell integrated solutions to our Fortune 500 clients. Specifiers also come to us looking for integrated solutions for their designs. Enlighted can empower you to grow your business and develop innovative luminaires with the added value of advanced controls. Get the Enlighted advantage today.

Why Partner With Enlighted

  • Serve the unprecedented growing need for IoT compatible luminaires
  • Add value to new and existing products by partnering with the leader in sensor and data analytics
  • Evolve lighting product lines into true digital platforms and information nodes
  • Have access to the only sensors in the world that can sense their environment and respond autonomously with highly intelligent controls
  • Enable a fine-grained data collection grid solution with low installation cost

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Enlighted Luminaire OEM Partners

Enlighted partners with the industry’s leading luminaire manufacturers to offer its customers a broad range of luminaires to select from. An integrated luminaire solution is key to the deployment of a connected lighting strategy. Enlighted is committed to growing its partnerships with key Luminaire OEM’s in order to expand the number of connected products available to specifiers and end users in various vertical markets. Click the logos below to learn more about each partner.


Enlighted sensors can detect, measure and analyze occupancy, daylight, motion, temperature and power consumption all-in-one?

In partnership with Enlighted, we are changing the future of building management by creating beautifully lit environments that are safer, smarter, and more controlled than ever before.

Bill Plageman
VP of Marketing, Amerlux


Enlighted Luminaire OEM
Learn how to integrate Enlighted sensors into luminaires to add value, differentiate and transform lighting beyond basic building functionality.