Platform Partners

Our platform partners deliver enriched client experiences, value-added solutions, and
complimentary IoT capabilities. Integrations are made with Enlighted’s system through our
open software APIs and industry standard Bluetooth®.

Enlighted’s IoT Platform integrates with 3rd party systems via open APIs and industry standard Bluetooth®

Enlighted’s Open Platform Enriches Client Experiences

Enlighted’s open platform provides the real-time intelligence to make applications smarter. Data about what is happening in the building, including occupancy information and real-time location of tagged assets, is passed via open APIs to partner applications.

Enlighted’s IoT platform makes buildings smarter with integrations into building management systems and are an extensible platform for smart sensor and device manufacturers to add their unique capabilities to solve important client problems.

Enlighted Occupancy Data API

The Enlighted Occupancy API provides our partners with real-time
occupancy data that integrates into 3rd party Integrated Workplace
Management Systems (IWMS) and other Business Intelligence (BI) tools.
Our occupancy data allows end-users to make data-driven decisions about their buildings and spaces in real-time.

The Value of Occupancy Data

Optimize amount and type of space in CRE portfolio

Enhance the occupant experience to improve productivity

Physical security forensics and alerts

Improve facility operations and save energy

Occupancy Starter Kit – Integration Made Easy

Our Occupancy Starter Kit includes everything you need to evaluate your spaces with Enlighted occupancy Surface Sensors. Enlighted’s Surface Sensors feed occupancy information in real-time via open APIs bydistinguishing between occupied and available spaces. The sensors communicate with Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC) through the Enlighted Gateways using the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless communication protocol.

The all-in-one starter kit comes with a preprogrammed connection to an Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC), user access, an assigned facility, commissioned Surface Sensors (SU-5i-USB), and Enlighted Gateway.

The Surface Sensor is designed for quick and easy installation directly on workplace surfaces such as under desks or the ceiling of a conference room. It is powered by a standard USB interface, making the deployment completely independent of lighting systems.

Our Kit

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Occupancy API Prerequisites:

Please make sure that you meet the following list of requirements before beginning the setup process and integration. If you need help with any of these items, please contact Support.

1. You have access to the following Enlighted Manage in the Cloud (EMC)
2. You have a Facility Admin user login in EMC with access to an assigned facility in the EMC.
3. Please have the Floor plan drawing (JPEG, PNG, GIF) for which you need occupancy data.
4. As a user, you must be authorized to issue an API call using your API authentication key. Refer to the article Generate API Key.


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