Enlighted Crosses the 25 Million-Customer Square Feet Mark

Sensor Network On Track To Generate 100 Terabytes of Insightful Workplace Data

SUNNYVALE, Calif.— February 3, 2014 — Enlighted Inc. today announced that, with growing momentum, the company has crossed the 25 Million Square Feet mark with the customers it serves, adding over 11 million square feet of workplace sensor coverage in the last quarter alone.

The first application of the Enlighted Building Data Sensor network was to optimize the use of lighting energy in densely populated workspaces but in the most recent year, the company began using the technology to collect data including temperature, space occupancy and movement within buildings without jeopardizing occupant privacy.

“Our near real-time sensor networks have coverage at every 100 square feet versus what you see in the legacy lighting control companies with thousands of square feet. With that granularity of sensor data, we are seeing an increasing number of our Big Data –savvy customers developing analytical tools to develop new workplace insights. Interestingly, in some cases, these insights have nothing to do with energy or lighting.” said Tanuj Mohan, CTO and Co-Founder of Enlighted.

In a recent third party survey of Enlighted customers, 88% plan to make use of the big data being generated by the platform in their facilities. In one such experiment a customer with early system API access is correlating physical movement in the workplace over time with resulting company productivity outcomes. “Imagine the ability to predict quarterly sales numbers from physical tracking data in Sales and Marketing or the ability to adjust software development project completion dates from Enlighted data in the Engineering department. This will be a game changer,” said Rich Green, SVP of Products and the curator of Enlighted Labs, the experimental arm of Enlighted R&D.

Though Enlighted has a concentration of brand-name customers in the data-savvy Silicon Valley, square footage and customer counts are climbing across all of North America, Europe and parts of Asia.

“We are estimating Enlighted will gather between 80 and 100 Terabytes of workplace environment data for its customers this year alone. With new approaches and tools to analyze and extract value from big data, there is no telling what new and innovative insights our customers and partners will discover in this next year,” said Mr. Mohan.

About Enlighted

Enlighted provides people-smart energy efficiency solutions for commercial environments. Its first application – advanced lighting control, built on the Enlighted sensor and analytics platform — saves companies between 50% and 70% in energy costs while tuning individual workspaces for the comfort and efficiency of the people who work in them. Additional applications ranging from occupancy and real estate analysis, to HVAC controls to security services are based on additional data that can be observed and aggregated on the Enlighted Cloud. For more, visit www.enlightedinc.com

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About Enlighted

Designed to change everything, Enlighted provides the world's most advanced digital sensor and analytics platform for smarter buildings to Fortune 500 companies around the globe. Enlighted was founded in 2009 and has received venture funding from Draper Nexus Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, RockPort Capital Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Intel Capital. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. For more information about Enlighted products, visit enlightedinc.com.

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