San Jose City Hall Reduces Lighting Costs, Improves Comfort and Workspace Personalization with Enlighted

November 14, 2012 – San Jose, CA – Enlighted and The City of San Jose today announced that the city has reduced the amount it spends on lighting for San Jose City Hall by 53 percent to date by deploying Enlighted’s advanced sensors, analytics, and Lighting Control Application as well as improved the comfort of employees through personalized light settings.

“Investing in energy efficiency measures can produce significant long-term savings,” Mayor Chuck Reed said. “Embracing lighting control systems and other energy management technologies can also help San Jose achieve its Green Vision goals to reduce per capita energy use by 50%.”

San Jose City Hall was the country’s first city hall in the nation to obtain LEED Platinum certification for existing buildings, the highest possible LEED rating. The savings achieved through Enlighted’s technology, however, came after LEED certification was obtained, demonstrating that there is always more opportunity to tune a building and gain more savings, comfort and operational efficiency.

“We already had an aggressive lighting program in place, starting with a sophisticated daylighting design. Yet, with Enlighted, we found that there was still savings to wring out of this building,” said Matt Morley, Deputy Director of Public Works – Fleet and Facilities. “Key for me was being able to address the lighting at the fixture level. With Enlighted, I can easily cater to individual needs, yet maintain command control over lighting energy usage. I enjoy the challenges of creating comfortable and productive work environments for my colleagues while ensuring that the core infrastructure is reliable, functioning optimally, and saving us money – every second of every day.”

“I’m sensitive to too much inside lighting. I get headaches,” said one city worker. “I was wearing green eyeshade visors at work before we got Enlighted. I had asked our Maintenance team to just take the lamps out of my fixtures, and I wanted to bring in my own task lighting. I understand how that might have undermined our building’s overall energy savings goals. Now, my overhead lamps are dimmed to my preferences, and others can have the light levels they want, too. I leave my visors and desk lights at home!”

“As a world center of clean tech innovation, the City of San Jose is an ideal partner for companies bringing next-generation, energy-conserving technology to market,” said Tushar Dave, Chairman and CEO, Enlighted, Inc. “The efficiencies we’ve achieved in this already high-performance city hall building serve as a leading example for other municipalities across the country that have similar energy conservation goals for their building stock, their cities, and their people.”

How Enlighted Works

Enlighted has combined leading-edge sensor technology, big data analytics, and advanced building controls into a single system that not only drives savings, but also introduces new intelligence for business-wide efficiencies. Enlighted features per-fixture devices that individually incorporate all the sensing, programmability and communication capabilities needed to function autonomously. Easily attached to ceiling light fixtures, collectively, a network of Enlighted devices across a space provides a data-sharing grid of approximate 10×10 square foot resolution. Each fully-integrated Enlighted device controls lighting for the workspace beneath it, collects environmental and occupancy data, and feeds it back to a central server wirelessly. This valuable new people-centric data can be used to maximize energy conservation, better understand building traffic patterns, and participate in demand response programs.

Visit Enlighted at Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, the world’s largest conference dedicated to innovation in green building design, set to take place Nov 14–16 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, booth 5611 in Moscone West Building. San Jose City Hall will be featured as part of the Greenbuild Building Tours on Nov 17.

About Enlighted, Inc.

Enlighted perfects built environments by making them responsive to the people and functions they support. Its leading-edge sensors, analytics, and controls reduce energy costs and increase occupant comfort. Enlighted’s advanced analytics incorporate unique environmental, occupancy, and activity data, creating new applications and new opportunities for enterprise-wide efficiencies, productivity, and profitability. For building operators, Enlighted is a non-disruptive, easy-to-deploy, reliable system that makes it simple to customize and adapt workspaces according to comfort, energy savings, and space utilization goals. With the Enlighted Lighting Control application, over 35 Fortune 500 companies have reduced lighting energy costs by 50 to 75 percent for an average payback of two years. Visit for more information.

About San Jose City Hall and San José Green Vision

San José City Hall is more energy efficient than 92% of comparable facilities because large windows and skylights help maximize the use of natural instead of electric light. High efficiency light fixtures and low-emissivity glazing are among the most important energy efficiency features, earning the building a large share of its LEED Energy & Atmosphere Credits. It was the first city hall in the nation to achieve LEED Platinum Certification for Existing Buildings. The 18-story structure is also the largest LEED-certified municipal building in the city. It houses administrative and departmental headquarters, housing the City Council Chambers and offices, as well as rooms for community meetings and special events. San José City Hall opened in October 2005 and received its LEED EB Platinum certification in March of 2009. It is on track for an Energy Star Score of 92 (on a scale 1-100).

On October 7, 2007, Mayor Chuck Reed introduced San Jose’s Green Vision, which sets 10 ambitious goals for environmental protection and economic development. This 15?year plan envisions: creating 25,000 Clean Tech jobs; building or retrofitting 50 million square feet of green buildings; installing 100,000 solar roofs ; reducing per capita electricity use by half; becoming a zero waste city; recycling and reusing 100 percent of the city’s water; and moving to 100 percent renewable energy. For more information, visit

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