Smart Conference Rooms

Even the best conference room booking systems are missing one key ingredient – the intelligence to know if the room is actually being used.

Real-time Occupancy of Conference Rooms

The Enlighted IoT platform passes real-time occupancy to these platforms via an open API. When rooms are reserved but no one shows up or a meeting ends early, the system releases the room and makes it available again. This capability eliminates “zombie meetings” thereby improving utilization and reducing contention of these typically limited resources. It provides detailed analytics about conference room usage, utilization, and more.

Enlighted Smart Conference Room Deployment

Conference rooms can be made intelligent using the Enlighted lighting-based sensory system or Surface Mount sensors.

Benefits of Enlighted Smarter Conference Rooms:

  • Stop ghost/zombie meetings
  • Release rooms when meetings end early
  • Auto cancellation
  • Auto check-in
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