Smart Desk Hoteling for Activity-based Work

Increasingly, companies are turning to unassigned seating, agile working and activity-based work to help facilitate flexibility and collaborative environments. In these new office environments, workers can dynamically choose desks where they will be most productive and creative — whether it is near colleagues on a project or individually in a quiet space.

A Smarter Desk Registration System

The smarter reservation system, which combines a consumer-grade employee-facing app and smart, desk-level sensing capabilities, is critical to this new way of working. It empowers teams to quickly identify desks anywhere in the building that meet their needs, are unoccupied and available in real-time.

The key to putting in place an effective desk reservation process is the ability to distinguish between occupied and available desks. Enlighted sensors deployed at each desk feed occupancy information in real time via open APIs to desk reservation software systems. The Enlighted IoT platform makes activity-based working practical by helping employees quickly find and reserve an unoccupied collaborative workspace, and delivers analytics for facilities planners to understand the utilization of these spaces.

Analytics on desk utilization helps workplace experience executives and facilities planners monitor and adjust inventory levels, and make best use of space. Combined with workplace experience applications such as Comfy, this provides an intelligent, data-driven solution for activity based work.

The Enlighted Surface Sensor

The Surface Sensor is designed for quick and easy installation directly on workplace surfaces such as under desks, and is powered by a standard USB interface, making the deployment completely independent of lighting systems.


  • Employees can easily find an available work space
  • Better utilization of inventory
  • Get access to usage metrics of your workspace inventory
  • Easy deployment under any workspace
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