Lighting Specifiers

Specifiers play a key role in the adoption and integration of lighting solutions for their clients. Whether you’re an engineer, lighting designer, architect or other specifier, you can add value to your traditional consulting services by implementing a true digital lighting platform from Enlighted. It maximizes your clients’ investments, delivers more than illumination and lays the foundation for IoT solutions now and in the future.

Why Specify Enlighted

Enlighted is a leading digital sensor and data analytics company that is enabling smart buildings with its IoT solutions. It has earned its place as a Fortune 500 standard with client ranging from Deutsche Bank to Google to AT&T.

Built from the ground up, Enlighted’s patented technology delivers a networked, advanced lighting control with granular sensing, distributed intelligence, wireless communication and IT connectivity.

Granular Sensing

Enlighted’s sensors are designed to be a fixture level sensor. Each sensor covers 100-150 sq. ft. so each recessed 2×2, 2×4 and 1×4 gets a sensor. For linear runs, one sensor is needed per 8 feet and one sensor per 3-4 downlights is the typical ratio. Each sensor collects real time data for motion, occupancy, daylight, temperature and utility grade power metering.


Enlighted’s sensors are all connected together to form a wireless network that reports data through the Gateway to the Enlighted Manage for analysis. The EM is connected to a network and the system communicates through simple web browsers.

Distributed Intelligence

Each sensor contains a microprocessor and memory and all functionality of the system: when to turn on/off, how to dim, how to daylight harvest and more. Each sensor is a stand alone control system with no single point of failure.

Wireless Communication

The Enlighted System is a hybrid system. The sensor that contains all the functional information and control system is hardwired to the fixture. The sensors are connected to each other to create a wireless network that transmits programming data to the sensor and the collected data to Enlighted’s Cloud infrastructure.

Advanced Lighting Control

The Design Lights Consortium includes six requirements for Advanced Lighting Control (ALC): scheduling, task tuning, occupancy, daylight harvesting, demand response and personal control. Enlighted does all of these six and more. Our system and strategies will save more than any other system when installed.


Looking for a PoE switch to work with your Enlighted system? We suggest the NETGEAR GC108PP FlexPoE switch.

Data is the future of lighting

Larry French
Principal Auerbach Glasow French


Enlighted solutions are already installed in over 410M sq ft of enterprise space.