System and Solutions

Enlighted’s IoT system and solutions deliver state-of-the-art capabilities while being scalable, upgradeable and secure. Proven in enterprises worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, they have been installed in over 410M square feet of building space. The results? Companies are significantly reducing lighting, HVAC, and space costs while improving occupant comfort, productivity, and safety.


IoT System

Enlighted’s system enables smart buildings with our IoT platform and patented technology.

IoT Applications

With Enlighted’s proven apps you can slash energy costs, increase productivity and more.


From offices and hospitals to college campuses, Enlighted IoT solutions are creating Brilliant Buildings everywhere.


Tanuj Mohan

The Genesis of Enlighted and the Future

Enlighted was originally designed to be a lighting network with sensors for energy optimization in commercial buildings. It has since expanded into a system with multiple applications and solutions.