Advanced Building Control Applications for Smart Buildings

Enlighted applications for smart buildings enable commercial building management to significantly drive down energy and space costs while improving occupant comfort and safety. Enlighted solutions are already installed in over 135 million square feet of enterprise space using applications ranging from lighting and HVAC energy savings to space optimization, safety and security.

It all starts with the most advanced sensors ever made.


Lighting Energy Optimization

Drive down energy costs while improving occupant comfort with Enlighted’s advanced Lighting Control System.

HVAC/Climate Optimization

Enlighted’s Aire application is the first in the industry to provide demand-driven heating or cooling.

Space Utilization

Gain insights into building usage and occupancy patterns floor by floor with Enlighted’s Space application.


“Learn how technologists think the world of IoT will change the workplace—and how it’s already changing how we do business today.”

How the Internet of Things is Changing Work
Fast Company, November 2015