Lighting Control

Energy Efficiency Redefined

Enlighted delivers the most advanced Lighting Control System in the world. Built on the leading Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, the system consists of a network of LED lights and our patented sensors, connected to an advanced analytics platform. Data is collected 65 times per second to monitor environmental and occupancy changes and adjust lighting in real-time.

Discover the Possibilities
  • Simple to install and program
  • Improve overall light quality with LED and sensor-enabled fixtures
  • Increase energy savings by 85% or more
  • Lower lighting maintenance costs by up to 25%
  • Collect large volumes of data for lighting and IoT applications
  • Task tuning, occupancy monitoring, daylight grouping and harvesting
  • Color temperature and intensity adjustments
  • Three configuration packages let you choose exactly what you need
  • Retrofits to LED lighting + smart sensors paid for by energy cost savings


Three Configuration Options

Enlighted One
Smart lighting, quickly and efficiently. Enlighted One takes a building into the future with a simple, wireless lighting control solution that’s fast to install and instantly code-compliant, for quick and profitable job turnaround. See our Enlighted One video for more information.

Enlighted Connected
Enlighted Connected offers all the features of Enlighted One — plus customizable networked lighting, and building-wide control over lighting profiles. It can integrate with building management systems, supports automated demand response, and provides detailed energy reports about consumption and savings.

Enlighted IoT
The Enlighted IoT system builds on Enlighted Connected features, with even more advanced features and analytic power. In addition to advanced lighting control, it enables IoT applications for space planning, asset tracking, conference room management, desk hoteling, and more.

Out-of-the-Box Compliance. It’s That Simple.

Tiered Support Meets Precise Needs

Structured with three tiered levels, Enlighted Premium Support offers a wide range of valued services designed to ensure optimum operating efficiency.

Depending on business requirements, elect from offerings such as custom workshops, configuraton tuning and training, conducted by industry experts. Options for energy tuning and enalysis ensures maximum energy efficiency. Select exactly the support level aligned with the operating profile of each facility.

  • Improve efficiency and realize productivity gains in your work environment with training, managed updates, security improvements, and new feature releases.
  • Reduce system downtime with continuous support during or after normal business hours.
  • Optimize occupant productivity and comfort with expert assistance.
  • Improve energy efficiency and savings with experienced profile tuning.
Premium Support Options

Choose from three tiers of support services to meet your facility’s specific needs, based on its location and use.

Three support tiers — Essential, Priority, and Priority Plus — lets you select the package that most effectively meets your organization’s needs.


Support for offices and workplaces with Monday–Friday, 9–5 support for lighting that is operational, efficient, and tuned for occupant comfort and productivity.

Appropriate for:

  • Facilities operating with weekday, business hours only
  • Non-business critical spaces
  • Example: Limited use office locations, warehouses and, storage spaces

Meet expanded needs during longer business days with 24-hour support from Monday–Friday. Annual energy workshop with your Enlighted solution engineer ensures optimal business performance and maximum efficiency.

Appropriate for:

  • Facilities with weekday use only
  • Need for high energy efficiency and reduced costs
  • Minimal or non-critical weekend use
  • Example: Office buildings with limited weekend access
Priority Plus

Support global enterprises where ongoing operations rely on 24/7 data and critical business functionality. Ideal for smart building owners using third-party applications via APIs and hardware integrations via BACnet®. A comprehensive annual energy workshop ensures maximum energy performance.

Appropriate for:

  • Business critical facilities with continuous high availability needs
  • Buildings with high energy efficiency and reduced costs needs
  • Example: High-use office facilities (always available), high utilization, manufacturing sites, medical facilities, education facilities


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I was immediately sold on Enlighted’s control system. It gave me complete flexibility to control all of our lighting systems and reduced energy usage up to 90%.

Lewis Meline
Agilent Technologies

Enlighted was recently evaluated as a "Cool Vendor" in the “Smart City Applications and Solutions 2016” report by Gartner, Inc.
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