Workplace Digital Contact Tracing with the Enlighted Application

Part of the Enlighted Safer Workplace solutions, the award-winning Safe application, delivers digital technology to assist the contact tracing process. Built upon Enlighted’s real-time location services capability, employees are provided badge tags they carry while in the workplace. Safe continuously records location, movement, and proximity of the badges relative to each other while in the building.
Should an employee test positive, the application is used to assist identifying potentially exposed individuals based on proximity and duration. Safe also provides insight about how much contact is happening within the building to help inform risk reduction actions. Privacy and anonymity options facilitate employee adoption.

The Enlighted Safe Application
showing contact tracing capabilities.

The Enlighted Safe Application
showing risk analysis capabilities.

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Why Workplace Digital Contact Tracing?

Contact tracing refers to identifying individuals who may have come into contact with someone who has tested positive. Those who have should quarantine, according to health experts’ guidelines and policies in place at the organization. Traditionally, this is an interview process based on recollection of the affected individual.

The challenge for contact tracing indoors is that memories are fallible, and it is particularly difficult to remember precisely where someone has been and who they have been in contact with inside a large facility over potentially multiple workdays.