Real-Time Location Services

The Enlighted Where application reliably locates people and assets in real-time in a building or across buildings anywhere in an enterprise. The Where application delivers room-level accuracy by using advanced algorithms and cloud computing resources together with multiple real-time data streams from the Enlighted sensors.
Enlighted tags are attached physically to equipment or worn by people as badges. Using the computed tag location information, the Where application provides a live view of current tag locations within a facility by floor and category, allowing for precise search and real-time alerts. The tag location data may be replayed on demand.

Enlighted Where application shows movement of tags in real-time on facility map


How Enlighted Where Works

Each Enlighted tag broadcasts Bluetooth messages, which are received by the Enlighted sensors embedded in the fixtures. Using the data captured by the sensors mounted in the ceiling and other information from the tag, the Where application calculates, displays and records each tag’s location as it moves through the building.
Real-time alerts can be configured to notify staff when an asset enters or leaves geo-fence areas, which are virtual boundaries around a physical area marked in the map. Alerts can also be generated based on category counts and duration of stay in the geo-fence area. Notifications can be sent directly to mobile devices or via email to help users stay up to date on the asset activity in the building.
The application stores location data, which can be replayed on-demand on the map with several options for playback. The tag location data is also accessible via APIs, which can be used to drive 3rd party applications for additional operational insights and analytics.

  • Spend less time searching for equipment and people
  • Reduce loss of high value assets
  • Reduce unnecessary equipment purchases
  • Optimize processes using location history
  • Reduce capital expenditure
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Precise live asset location and movement
  • Configurable asset categories and tag statuses
  • Powerful search across multiple facilities
  • Real-time alerts for fast response to critical events
  • Replay on-demand movement of tagged items
  • Advanced dynamic filtering with custom tag statuses
  • Easily configurable geo-fence areas and alerts
  • Web and mobile applications

Enlighted Where is available as a mobile app for Android™ and iOS™

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