Select the best solution to meet immediate needs, while ensuring a powerful IoT upgrade path in the future

Enlighted One

Smart lighting, quickly and efficiently. Enlighted One’s room-based lighting controls are fast and easy to install, program, and commission, saving time and money, and providing instant code compliance. Sensors arrive integrated into new lighting fixtures, or are simple to install with existing ones.

Simple installation for immediate savings
Enlighted One is an out-of-the-box solution that delivers powerful lighting control. The wireless system comes programmed with four pre-configured lighting profiles. Projects can turn around faster, and more profitably, without a need for IT support.
Ideal lighting, instantly
Enlighted One’s sensors automatically adjust light levels to take advantage of ambient daylight. Light levels are easily adjusted from a wall switch, and automatically switch off when not in use.
Out of the box code compliant
Powered by our award-winning wireless technology, Enlighted One’s lighting controls are code-compliant for Title 24 and ASHRAE 90.1.

Enlighted Connected

Enlighted Connected offers all of the features of Enlighted One — plus time-of-day scheduling, and building-wide control over lighting profiles. It also integrates with building management systems to provide occupancy data for HVAC adjustments. Automated demand response settings adjust energy use at times of peak demand, and the system provides detailed energy savings data by time of day, and location.

Lighting control from your desktop
The Enlighted Manage lets you easily program a range of lighting profiles from a single web-based user interface, to provide ideal illumination for any area or set of areas. Task tuning allows for adjustment of light levels, and the system can be programmed to follow a schedule, or respond in real-time.
Advanced control for greater efficiency
Groups of lights operate autonomously to respond to ambient light, and the system connects to the BMS, providing data for more efficient HVAC control. Enlighted Connected also provides detailed reporting on energy savings.
Prepared for the future, now
Enlighted wireless networks are upgradeable to seamlessly adapt as new advanced features roll out. With sensor hardware already installed, the system is ready for upgrades when you are.

Enlighted IoT

The Enlighted IoT configuration delivers the full power of the IoT for buildings. In addition to all Enlighted Connected features, it includes applications for space planning, asset tracking, conference room management, desk hoteling, and more. Enlighted IoT provides open APIs for integration with third party systems like Comfy and Teem®, while the Enlighted Where and Space applications provide advanced location services and spatial analysis.

Monitor your entire portfolio
The Enlighted network of fixture-mounted sensors monitors the building 65 times per second, wirelessly transmitting data for detailed insights into building usage across a single building, or a portfolio of buildings.
Unlock the IoT with Apps
Building operators use a simple graphical interface to unlock the power of the IoT using Enlighted’s apps. The system provides advanced real-time location services for asset management, people badging, and wayfinding. Enlighted IoT supports API access to third party tools like Comfy and Teem® as well as insights into occupancy patterns to optimize space usage and energy efficiency.

As the technology evolves, so will your buildings

Enlighted now offers its products in three upgradeable tiers of functionality. From the fast and simple installation of Enlighted One, to the powerful capabilities of the advanced Enlighted IoT, customers and partners can now select the optimal solution that meets their immediate needs, while simultaneously establishing a powerful upgrade path for when requirements change or grow.

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