Commercial Office Space

Today, businesses are focused on improving workplace experience and employee well-being, while simultaneously reducing operational costs. With Enlighted’s leading IoT platform, you will have the tools you need to achieve these goals faster. Whether you have office spaces that are open, assigned individual offices, or are deploying dynamic activity-based work environments, Enlighted has the answer.

Solutions for Smart Office Buildings are Here
Enlighted’s IoT platform incorporating industry-leading sensor technology and big data analytics, deliver solutions for energy savings, space utilization analysis and optimization, asset and employee/visitor locating, wireless lighting control, and more. 3rd party applications such as conference room management, hot desking reservation, and HVAC systems are all made intelligent with real-time data and status of spaces captured and provided by Enlighted sensors.
Benefits of Enlighted IoT Solutions
Discover how many ways you can benefit from Enlighted’s solutions for offices, from single buildings and campuses, to large global enterprise portfolios.
Increase Staff Productivity and Sense of Well Being

Optimize light color temperature and intensity to create ideal work environment.

Increase Energy Cost Savings

Occupancy, daylight harvesting, task tuning optimizes lighting energy use. Occupancy data may be passed to heating and cooling systems for further savings.

Payback Period as Little as 18 Months

IoT platform installation and services paid for out of energy cost savings.

Fact-based CRE Optimization

Use data continuously streamed 24/7 365 days a year to analyze, benchmark, and optimize building and portfolio performance. Identify underutilized rooms, areas, floors, or entire buildings.

Desk Hoteling

Key to putting in place an effective desk reservation process is the ability to distinguish between occupied and available desks. Enlighted sensors deployed at each desk and feed occupancy information in real time via open APIs to desk reservation software systems.

Staff, Visitor, and Asset Location Services

Indoor real-time location application helps employees find coworkers and needed equipment quickly, and captures a record of visitor movements within the building.

Easy to Deploy, Scale, and Service

Complete wireless system installations can be done quickly, with the same infrastructure supporting all current and future applications.

Did You Know?

With Enlighted’s GEO program you can use your energy savings to pay for your IoT infrastructure.

AT&T is saving over $10 million a year with Enlighted Lighting System.

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