Commercial Office Space

Today businesses are focused on the reducing operational costs and increasing the productivity and well-being of their employees. With Enlighted’s leading IoT solutions, you will have the tools you need to achieve your goals faster. Whether you have office spaces that are open, individual offices and conference rooms or more customized layouts, Enlighted has the answer.

Solutions for Smart Office Buildings are Here
Enlighted’s IoT platform, industry-leading sensor technology and big data analytics system, deliver solutions for energy savings, space utilization, security and more with our leading applications Lighting Control System, Aire, Space and, coming soon, Asset Tracking.
Benefits of Enlighted IoT Solutions
Discover how many ways you can benefit from Enlighted’s solutions for offices, whether you are on several floors or in multiple buildings.
Increase Energy Cost Savings:

Analyze and program lighting usage, heating and cooling

Payback Period as Little as 18 Months:

Installation and services paid for out of energy cost savings

Sensor are Easy to Install, Program and Service:

Complete system installations can be done in a few months

Sensor Network Enables More Than Lighting Control:

The sensor network equips companies with enterprise big data, business analytics and IoT infrastructure for multiple applications

Lower Maintenance Costs:

Long lasting LED lights drastically reduce maintenance, plan cleaning based on high/low use areas

Optimize Space Utilization:

Identify occupied and unoccupied spaces for energy savings, safety and security apps and space optimization

Desk Hoteling:

Key to putting in place a desk reservation process is the ability to distinguish between occupied and available desks. Enlighted sensors can be deployed at each desk, and occupancy information fed in real time via open APIs to desk reservation software systems.

Increase Staff Productivity and Sense of Well Being:

Optimize light and temperature to create ideal work environment

Did You Know?

With Enlighted’s GEO program you can use your energy savings to pay for your IoT infrastructure.

AT&T is saving over $10 million a year with Enlighted Lighting System.

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