Educational institutions, whether they are K12 or higher education, are focused on providing classrooms and campuses for their teachers and students that are safe, healthy, energy-efficient and provide the best environment for learning. And they are also chartered with reducing the costs of building operations. Fortunately Enlighted’s smart IoT building applications can help them do all of these things.

Solutions for Smart Education Buildings are Here
Enlighted’s IoT platform, industry-leading sensor technology and big data analytics system, deliver solutions for energy savings, space utilization, security and more with our leading applications Lighting Control System, Space and Asset Tracking.
Get the Advantages of the Enlighted IoT Solutions
Enlighted can easily handle the requirements of various types of classrooms, halls, and venues on campuses.
Lower energy costs from lighting:

LED lighting greatly lowers cost together with adjusting light levels by occupancy and settings

Save on HVAC:

Realize significant savings by not heating/cooling unoccupied spaces

Reduce Insurance Rates:

Real-time tracking of students/staff or assets in buildings for safety and security; transparency of building

Lower Maintenance Costs:

Based on installing long-lasting LED lights, plan cleaning schedule based on use of area

Analyze Space Utilization in Real Time:

Identify occupied and unoccupied spaces for energy savings, safety and determine best usage of space

Increase Student and Staff Productivity:

Optimize light and temperature in classrooms including color-tuning to create ideal learning environment anytime of the day

CHESC Best Practice Awards (2015)

California State University
Dominguez Hills

Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards (2015)

California State University
Dominguez Hills

Did You Know?

With Enlighted’s GEO program you can use your energy savings to pay for your IoT infrastructure.

We reduced our energy spend where the system was installed by 65-80%, while increasing the comfort of building users.

Kenny Seeton
Energy Manager
CSU Dominguez Hills

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