Healthcare providers are facing challenges to increase patient satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve staff productivity. In addition, many are trying to reach sustainability goals while simultaneously transforming customer care. Today Enlighted’s groundbreaking IoT platform is helping hospitals address many tough challenges with a single solution.

Smart Solutions for Hospitals and Clinics Are Here
Enlighted’s IoT platform enables real-time location services, space usage analytics, human-centric lighting control, and more with our leading applications: Space, Where, and Lighting Control System.
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Enlighted creates an IoT infrastructure in the building by installing wireless sensors within light fixtures. Ceiling light fixtures provide ideal sensor location and density to capture robust data for applications including Real-time Location Services (RTLS). Each sensor is powered by the light fixture and makes each light individually intelligent. Smart lighting provides advanced lighting control features and generates significant energy savings.

Care providers and biomedical engineering teams can then use reliable, room-level accurate RTLS capabilities to locate equipment, staff, and patients. Healthcare facilities planners have access to never-before-available data about how areas and rooms in the building are used, which helps identify new ways to optimize for patient care and operational efficiencies. Human-centric lighting improves the well-being of patients and staff, while increasing energy efficiency.

The Enlighted IoT platform uses open industry standards and data APIs to integrate seamlessly with other healthcare applications and systems.
All of this is accomplished using an IoT platform infrastructure that can pay for itself through energy savings.


Reduce Lighting Energy Costs:

Analyze and adjust lighting according to occupancy, needs and locations.

Improve Mobile Asset and Staff Productivity:

Our Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) application locates mobile medical devices and staff members anywhere in the building, and across buildings.

Lower Maintenance Costs:

Install long-lasting LED lights. Reduce cleaning of lightly used areas.

Improve Quality of Care:

Manage noise levels with low lighting, maintain comfortable temperatures depending on space and light and ensure that patients feel safe.

Space Utilization:

Identify occupied and unoccupied spaces for energy savings; determine what spaces are underutilized.

Increase Administrative and Staff Productivity:

Optimize lighting and temperature to create ideal working environment.

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