Healthcare providers are facing challenges to increase patient satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve staff productivity. In addition, many are trying to reach sustainability goals while simultaneously transforming customer care. Today Enlighted’s groundbreaking IoT platform is helping hospitals address many tough challenges with a single solution.

Smart Solutions for Hospitals and Clinics Are Here
Enlighted’s IoT platform delivers solutions for energy savings, space utilization, real time location services and more with our leading applications: Lighting Control System, Aire, Space and, coming soon, Asset Tracking.
Get All of the Advantages of Enlighted’s Proven Technology
The Enlighted IoT platform includes one cloud-connected sensor per light fixture, advanced networking components, and big data analytics applications. The infrastructure pays for itself through energy savings of up to 80%. The Enlighted sensor’s ceiling-mounted positioning captures the industry’s most robust data.


Reduce Lighting Energy Costs:

Analyze and adjust lighting according to occupancy, needs and locations.

Reduce Cost of Duplicate Assets:

Coming soon. Our Asset Tracking application will track all critical medical devices and reduce redundant purchases and wasted staff hours.

Lower Maintenance Costs:

Install long-lasting LED lights. Reduce cleaning of lightly used areas.

Improve Quality of Care:

Manage noise levels with low lighting, maintain comfortable temperatures depending on space and light and ensure that patients feel safe.

Space Utilization:

Identify occupied and unoccupied spaces for energy savings; determine what spaces are underutilized.

Increase Administrative and Staff Productivity:

Optimize lighting and temperature to create ideal working environment.

Enlighted Healthcare Customers

Did You Know?

With Enlighted’s GEO program you can use your energy savings to pay for your IoT infrastructure.

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