Manufacturing and Industry pioneered sensor use to discreetly monitor equipment and measure output, but quantitative insight into building usage has remained elusive until now. Enlighted's groundbreaking IoT platform provides unparalleled wireless lighting control and energy savings for industrial applications, and lays the groundwork for capturing data about how the building is used – supercharging the pursuit of efficiency and productivity.

Solutions for Industry are Here
Enlighted’s IoT platform delivers key sensory information at enterprise scale. With industry-leading sensor technology and a scalable cloud-based software platform, cost-effective solutions for energy savings and productivity are now available.
Enlighted Benefits
Discover how many solutions can be delivered from Enlighted’s single, scalable platform. From a single facility, plant or region, to an entire corporate portfolio, Enlighted’s robust data powers the industry’s most powerful solutions.
Advanced Wireless Lighting Control

Enlighted delivers the most advanced Lighting Control System in the world. Built on the leading Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, the system consists of a network of LED lights and our patented sensors, connected to an advanced analytics platform. By making each lighting fixture individually intelligent, data is collected 65 times per second to monitor environmental and occupancy changes and adjust lighting in real-time.

Dramatic Energy Cost Savings

Analyze and program lighting for task-tuned commercial and environmental factors; use up-to-the-minute occupancy data to further reduce HVAC costs.

Understand Space Utilization

Get insight into how the building is used, including time-of-day analysis of work areas and motion trails.

Know Personnel & Asset Location

View location and movement history of personnel, equipment, inventory, and work-in-process (WIP) and receive alerts based on crossing geofenced boundaries.

Easy to Deploy, Scale, and Service

Complete wireless system installations can be done quickly, with the same infrastructure supporting all current and future applications.

Did You Know?

With Enlighted’s GEO program your energy savings pay for your IoT infrastructure.

AT&T is saving over $10 million a year with Enlighted Lighting System.

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