Manufacturing and Industry pioneered sensor use to discreetly monitor equipment and measure output, but quantitative insight into personnel activity has remained elusive. Enlighted's groundbreaking IoT platform bridges these systems with real-time asset and personnel location, occupancy, and use data – supercharging the pursuit of productivity, quality, safety and security.

Solutions for Industry are Here
Enlighted’s IoT platform delivers key sensory information at enterprise scale. With industry-leading sensor technology and a scalable cloud-based software platform, cost-effective solutions for worker and asset location, space utilization, security, safety, and energy savings are now available.
Enlighted Benefits
Discover how many solutions can be delivered from Enlighted’s single, scalable platform. From a single facility, plant or region, to an entire corporate portfolio, Enlighted’s robust data powers the industry’s most powerful solutions.
Predictive Safety & Enhanced Security

Know the exact location of workers/POB and visually set alerts and notifications to improve safety and anticipate issues. Reduce incident investigation time by knowing who was in what area when.

Optimize Layout & Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)

Analyze worker, forklift, and material flows to reduce service engineer response times, minimizing production interruptions.

Know Personnel & Asset Location

Analyze location, path, and history of personnel, equipment, inventory, and work-in-process (WIP) and their relationship to one another.

Enrich Lean Manufacturing Efforts

Leverage actual data to identify and eliminate waste. Use historical and real-time data to feed spaghetti diagrams and workflows to understand actual rather than projected usage.

Improve Asset Utilization and Management

Locate high-value assets, analyze use/non-use times, and set alerts for machine/zone boundaries.

Easy to Deploy, Scale, and Service

Complete system installations can be done quickly, with the same infrastructure supporting all current and future applications.

Dramatic Energy Cost Savings

Analyze and program lighting for commercial and environmental factors; use up-to-the-minute occupancy data to reduce heating, cooling, & lighting costs.

Did You Know?

With Enlighted’s GEO program your energy savings pay for your IoT infrastructure.

AT&T is saving over $10 million a year with Enlighted Lighting System.

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